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Thursday, February 11, 2010

My 2nd day suppose to be my 4th day!

Today is thursday, the 4th day of the school days and should be my fourth day of my nail tech school too but sad to say it turns out that tuesday and wednesday we had a bad snowy day so the school cancelled the class for two days and I just return today for my "2nd day" of school. I learned the "Basic Manicure Setup" today in school. It is important that the table in sanitary and properly equipped with implements, materials, and the cosmetic products needed to perform the service. Everythingt you need during a service should be at your fingertips. Having an orderly table will save you time and give your client more confidence in your abilities. To setup table, you will use the following procedure:

1. Clean table. Clean the manicure table and drawer with an appropriate or approved disinfectant cleaner.

2. Prepare arm cushion. Wrap your client's arm cushion with a clean terrycloth or disposable towel.

3. Fill disinfectant container. Ensure that your disinfectant container is filled with clean disinfectant solution at least 20 minutes before your first manicure of the day.

4. Place products. Place the professional products that you will use during the service (except polish) on the right side of the table behind your disinfection container (if left-handed, place on left).

5. Place abrasives. PLace the abrasives and buffers of your choice on the table to your right (if left-handed, place on left).

6. Place fingerbowl. Place fingerbowl and brush in the middle or to the left of the table, toward the client.

7. Prepare for waster disposal. Tape or clip a plastic bag to the right side of table (if left-handed, tape to left side).

8. Place polishes. Place polishes to the left (if left-handed, place on right).

9. Prepare drawer. The drawer can be used to store the following items for immediate use: extra cotton or cotton balls in their original container or in a fresh plastic bag, abrasives , buffers, nail polish dryer, and other supplies.

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