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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Nail Technician's Updates

Wohoo! What can I say? It is more than six months now since I updated this blog of mine. A lot happened and got so busy with a lot of stuff and blah.. I forgot to write something here for you all to know and I am sorry for that. Well first, I got out from school last July! Yeah I made it and took my state board last October and passed it! Yeah me.. I got my license as a professional nail technician before we went to visit back in the Philippines. Well, you see I been so busy. Before I took the state board I been reviewing all my lessons almost everyday. And thanks God I did it at one take which I been praying for because first of all it took as a long trip to get there and we need to stay a hotel a night before so we can get there early. I am so happy that all of my wishes came true. I am so thankful too that I have my very supportive husband who went with me and support me all the way. After my happiness about my license, another happy trip happened. I and my husband went to Philippines for a visit to my family and friends. We had so much fun there and of course I hugged and kissed my first nephew. He is so cute, though sometimes he will forget who am I and will cry so loud. But of course he is only 6 months old. It's been a month now since we get back from Philippines and I miss them all so much. And the last thing happens to me is that I am now working! Yes, I am working as a licensed nail technician here in town. I rent a space in a salon here in town and do nails. I am loving it and I am hoping I will be successful in this work. Wish me luck and pray for me. Thank you guys and will try to do more updates here soon..