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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Nail Arts

The weather today is not so very good. It's around 50 degrees again and was raining almost all day. There was only few students went to school today and it was kinda boring. We started the day with a short test from the chapter that we had last monday about Infection Control : Principles and Practice. After completing the chapter, we understand state laws and rules, list the types and classifications of bacteria, list the types of disinfectants and how they are used, define hepatitis and HIV and explain how they are transmitted, describe how to safely clean and disinfect salon tools and equipment, explain the differences between cleaning, disinfection and sterilization and discuss Universal Precautions and your responsibilities as a salon professional. It was a quite long chapter for us and not so long exam so I am thankful that i did good about it and only missed one out of the 35 questions. After the short exam i did some new nail art designs using those brushes that i got yesterday from ebay.


Wednesday, April 7, 2010


It's been quite a while that i haven't post anything new for this site. This is just a new blog i made so i can write something about the nail tech study that i am doing. I already got some of my stuff to practice doing nails, like the basic manicure kits and also i start to practice for the acrylic nail enhancement, which a little advance for me because we haven't tackled it yet. I just do the basic things that i can read on the book that we are using right now.

I been ordering some more stuffs online and i got it cheaper. And just today, I received the set of brushes that i ordered thru ebay. It looks pretty good for nail designs or as polish brushes.

Will give you more updates when i will start to use these new brushes that i bought.. See you around.