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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Nail Technician's Updates

Wohoo! What can I say? It is more than six months now since I updated this blog of mine. A lot happened and got so busy with a lot of stuff and blah.. I forgot to write something here for you all to know and I am sorry for that. Well first, I got out from school last July! Yeah I made it and took my state board last October and passed it! Yeah me.. I got my license as a professional nail technician before we went to visit back in the Philippines. Well, you see I been so busy. Before I took the state board I been reviewing all my lessons almost everyday. And thanks God I did it at one take which I been praying for because first of all it took as a long trip to get there and we need to stay a hotel a night before so we can get there early. I am so happy that all of my wishes came true. I am so thankful too that I have my very supportive husband who went with me and support me all the way. After my happiness about my license, another happy trip happened. I and my husband went to Philippines for a visit to my family and friends. We had so much fun there and of course I hugged and kissed my first nephew. He is so cute, though sometimes he will forget who am I and will cry so loud. But of course he is only 6 months old. It's been a month now since we get back from Philippines and I miss them all so much. And the last thing happens to me is that I am now working! Yes, I am working as a licensed nail technician here in town. I rent a space in a salon here in town and do nails. I am loving it and I am hoping I will be successful in this work. Wish me luck and pray for me. Thank you guys and will try to do more updates here soon..

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wednesday at School

I'm writing this while I am here in school. It's raining today and i thought i will be so bored here cause of the bad weather and nothing much to do. I am doing my workbook for the Chapter 13 about Manicuring. It's a long chapter that i need to answer 19 questions from the Review Questions and i need to study for a test tomorrow. It might be a long test since this chapter is quiet long too. In this chapter, I learned the importance of having well-manicured nails and hands that become a significant part of our culture for both men and women. Manicuring is the fastest-growing services requested in the salon. As a professional, it is impertive to learn to work with the tools required for your trade and incorporate all safety, sanitation, and disinfection specifications during any procedure. The four types of nail technology tools that i will incorporate into my future services include: equipment, implements, materials, and professional nail cosmetic products.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Back in Here!

Wow, it's been a long time that i have not updated this blog again. I'm sorry guys but i haven't had the time to write news for here. Well, i am almost done with my study as a nail tech and hopefully on july i will be done. Looking forward to take the state board this September and start working on nails! So far it's been so good and i am liking it so much now, but i want to learn more techniques and arts about nails. I've been practicing the tips and acrylics nails in the past days and even doing it on my own nails!It was hard but i am proud of myself that i did it! I'm sharing here some of the pictures...

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Nail Arts

The weather today is not so very good. It's around 50 degrees again and was raining almost all day. There was only few students went to school today and it was kinda boring. We started the day with a short test from the chapter that we had last monday about Infection Control : Principles and Practice. After completing the chapter, we understand state laws and rules, list the types and classifications of bacteria, list the types of disinfectants and how they are used, define hepatitis and HIV and explain how they are transmitted, describe how to safely clean and disinfect salon tools and equipment, explain the differences between cleaning, disinfection and sterilization and discuss Universal Precautions and your responsibilities as a salon professional. It was a quite long chapter for us and not so long exam so I am thankful that i did good about it and only missed one out of the 35 questions. After the short exam i did some new nail art designs using those brushes that i got yesterday from ebay.


Wednesday, April 7, 2010


It's been quite a while that i haven't post anything new for this site. This is just a new blog i made so i can write something about the nail tech study that i am doing. I already got some of my stuff to practice doing nails, like the basic manicure kits and also i start to practice for the acrylic nail enhancement, which a little advance for me because we haven't tackled it yet. I just do the basic things that i can read on the book that we are using right now.

I been ordering some more stuffs online and i got it cheaper. And just today, I received the set of brushes that i ordered thru ebay. It looks pretty good for nail designs or as polish brushes.

Will give you more updates when i will start to use these new brushes that i bought.. See you around.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

My 2nd day suppose to be my 4th day!

Today is thursday, the 4th day of the school days and should be my fourth day of my nail tech school too but sad to say it turns out that tuesday and wednesday we had a bad snowy day so the school cancelled the class for two days and I just return today for my "2nd day" of school. I learned the "Basic Manicure Setup" today in school. It is important that the table in sanitary and properly equipped with implements, materials, and the cosmetic products needed to perform the service. Everythingt you need during a service should be at your fingertips. Having an orderly table will save you time and give your client more confidence in your abilities. To setup table, you will use the following procedure:

1. Clean table. Clean the manicure table and drawer with an appropriate or approved disinfectant cleaner.

2. Prepare arm cushion. Wrap your client's arm cushion with a clean terrycloth or disposable towel.

3. Fill disinfectant container. Ensure that your disinfectant container is filled with clean disinfectant solution at least 20 minutes before your first manicure of the day.

4. Place products. Place the professional products that you will use during the service (except polish) on the right side of the table behind your disinfection container (if left-handed, place on left).

5. Place abrasives. PLace the abrasives and buffers of your choice on the table to your right (if left-handed, place on left).

6. Place fingerbowl. Place fingerbowl and brush in the middle or to the left of the table, toward the client.

7. Prepare for waster disposal. Tape or clip a plastic bag to the right side of table (if left-handed, tape to left side).

8. Place polishes. Place polishes to the left (if left-handed, place on right).

9. Prepare drawer. The drawer can be used to store the following items for immediate use: extra cotton or cotton balls in their original container or in a fresh plastic bag, abrasives , buffers, nail polish dryer, and other supplies.

Monday, February 8, 2010

My first day

Today is my first day in school to do the nail tech study. I woke up at 6am in the morning to get ready for the school. When i got in school, I did not got my book today coz they don't have it yet so my intructor told me that i will get my own book tomorrow and then will start the first lesson. I did not have much accomplishments today aside from observing Ashley (she is doing nail tech too). She is so nice to me and she let me borrow her book and read some of the chapter in it. I also had fun watching Ashley while she was doing pedicure on someone that went in the school to ask for pedicures. I found it easy to do and I hope it will be easy when i am already the one working on pedicures soon. I learn something on the stuffs she is using for spa and the whole pedicure process. Well, this is all for now and I am sure there is much to tell you soon.